headshot1Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials ~Meryl Streep

My first son, came along and completely changed my life and me. I know every mother says this but for some, the change is so fundamental that it brings out needs that lay buried under years of social conditioning. For me this was creative expression through photography. All my life, I’ve taken an interest in photography and the joy it brought people. However,  more mainstream life paths seemed to take over the dream for so long.

Yet when motherhood hits, there’s no denying who you truly are. I attempted the return to my corporate background but my heart had finally overrode my brain and all I wanted was to be submerged in photography. I loved the pleasure the memories brought the parents who were allowed the luxury of stepping back and appreciating their little ones, something that we often forget to do amidst all the hard work of parenthood.

So after completing a photography course, working for other photographers while building up my portfolio, CJ Photography was finally born. Capturing life is what I’m all about. Candid portraits that speak a thousand words. Memories that you look forward to revisiting time and time again. A luxury you want to indulge in.

This is my story – I look forward to hearing yours … and perhaps capturing it one day for you.


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