Crazy about the boy

I’ve seen a few beautiful newborns in my time. But today I think a little someone stole my heart. Sam….oh… sweet little Sam. This precious one was eager to see the world and was born at just 32 weeks. Thanks to good old Facebook, I’ve been watching his progress: growing from a fragile little bubba at hospital to an adorable little baby.

I can not tell you how happy I was when his mum called me up for newborn shots – my heart just jumped for joy. When we met for the first time today, Sam was already 8 weeks old, yet had the same abundance of purity as a baby born yesterday. Ironically though, as his mum also said, he had a face that seems to have lived through so much already:  full of character, defining features and a sense of calm worldliness. As Buddhists believe, no one in this world is new – simply re-incarnated from another life time. If this is so, I can’t help but think that this little soul came from a very happy past.  He had so many smiles for me today (not just passing wind, I’m sure of it…) and he was such a great model to try out a few of my new looks.

From where ever you have come little Sam, thank you for coming into my life too. With three older sisters, I imagine you hold a very special place in your family. And if you thought your past was happy, brace yourself for an even happier future my little one. Because there’s nothing but love surrounding you, not just by your own family but everyone who is lucky enough to meet you, hold you and cuddle you.

Adrian and Emma, thank you for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous son. I so, so, SO look forward to seeing how he grows up and eventually meet the rest of the clan. CJ xx





About Chamilka (CJ)

Chamilka Jayawardana (affectionately known as CJ to all those around her) is a Professional Photographer based in Melbourne Australia. Accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), Chamilka founded CJ Photography in 2010, which specialises in Maternity, Newborn, Children and Family Portraiture. Inspired by her children, her photography aims to capture authenticity, feeling and above all stories - intangible things that can be revisited long after the moment has passed. CJ Photography has since moved into Weddings and Commercial works as well. An equally personal driving force behind her second venture, CJ Photo Escapes, has been her cultural background and her desire to give back to the country she was born and lived in during her early years. Fluent in English and spoken Singhalese, CJ has chosen to combine her love for photography along with her love for Sri Lanka and its beautiful people, to share with the astute traveler this quaint part of the world through the eyes of the lens.


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