Following Mother’s day last Sunday, I had hoped to do a blog this week about one very special mother I know.  But unfortunately all this rain in Melbourne washed out my photo shoot yesterday so here are some images I was saving for a rainy day (quite literally).  It’s not altogether unrelated to the original blog I wanted to run on this so called special mother (ooooh are you intrigued yet?). It’s about families – families that are not necessarily made of humans – modern families – COMPLETE families.

So last Sunday, as all women with children got a special mention, the people that crossed MY mind were all the women in the world who are mothers in nontraditional ways. All my friends who carry the same kind of love, worry and hopes for their pets, nieces, nephews, mentees, elderly parents and other dependents in their lives. These women also deserve a mention.  Not all women were born into this world to be mothers but they were all born with nurturing instincts, which they use for the good of other life and I think that is what needs to be thanked and celebrated on Mother’s Day.

In reality I was a mother long before I gave birth. My first two children were Zia and Zac – our 2 six-year old German Shepherds.  Zia was born on 23rd Jan 2005, sharing the same birthday as my mother-in-law and Zac – Mr Romeo – was born on 14th February 2005, sharing the same birthday as my husband.  From the moment they came into my life, I endured things experienced by most parents: lack of sleep the first few days when they were settling into their new home at just 8 weeks of age, angst at the first vaccination appointment, worry at other dogs picking on them at puppy pre-school, frustration with Zac’s lack of concentration at Obedience School every Sunday,  countered by heart-busting pride when Zia won several medals to make up for Zac’s obvious disinterest, tears and joy when they’ve gone into surgery at various times of their lives – really the list goes on.

In the last few years, since I gave birth to my boys, these two furry children of mine have taken a back seat. I feel very guilty about how little time I get to spend with them.  But really that guilt is totally self-generated because every time they see me, there’s never an accusing eye – it’s like I never went away – they love and adore me no matter what. They love and adore all of us, no matter what.

So on days like today when photoshoots have been washed out, a couple of appointments have fallen through and the human kids are in care, what better way to spend it than with them. I really can’t imagine my family without them.  So today I dedicate this blog to my COMPLETE family – my family of 6, but in particular to two special members – often the smelliest and dirtiest but definitely the most loyal and selfless – I love you my pups. xx


About Chamilka (CJ)

Chamilka Jayawardana (affectionately known as CJ to all those around her) is a Professional Photographer based in Melbourne Australia. Accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), Chamilka founded CJ Photography in 2010, which specialises in Maternity, Newborn, Children and Family Portraiture. Inspired by her children, her photography aims to capture authenticity, feeling and above all stories – intangible things that can be revisited long after the moment has passed. CJ Photography has since moved into Weddings and Commercial works as well.

An equally personal driving force behind her second venture, CJ Photo Escapes, has been her cultural background and her desire to give back to the country she was born and lived in during her early years. Fluent in English and spoken Singhalese, CJ has chosen to combine her love for photography along with her love for Sri Lanka and its beautiful people, to share with the astute traveler this quaint part of the world through the eyes of the lens.


3 Responses to “Families”

  1. Sashini May 13, 2011 6:42 pm #

    Very touching. Love it.I miss my dogs:(

  2. Minal May 13, 2011 10:23 pm #

    I haven’t seen them in ages…

    Miss Zac & Zia…….

    By the way Well said!!! & I think I should send this to Suni Nanda as well.. She would like it!!!


  3. Kay May 15, 2011 9:15 pm #

    Love it!!! Pups are so special

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