The new website is finally up - CJ Photography
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The new website is finally up

The new website is finally up

What feels like an incredibly long journey, my business has now become official with the launching of the new website:

It’s no doubt an exciting time, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a nervous wreck. What has so far been my own personal indulgence is now for the world to see.  The public doors have been flung open into my little private world of creativity. And the doubts that have slowed the journey thus far are now more rampant than ever. The fear of failing is immense…

But as I gaze at one of my favourite postcards that an old friend gave me way back when I was studying in France, I know it’s time to find some of that courage from my younger days – something that seems to have deserted me with age!

So I want to thank all those who encouraged and supported me in getting on with something I just love to do but never had the balls to formalise. To my friends who said not trying is the real failing. To my family and especially my husband who never seems to run out of motivating words. To all those people who have let me into their lives to photograph them and their precious children. And lastly to Petrina and Phil from Big Trousers for sorting out the mechanics of it all. Your generosity with photographic, technical and business expertise leaves me feeling SO thankful to have met you guys.

Ok, enough with the sentiment. I’m off to take some damn photos!


Chamilka xx

ps: Happy Birthday Mum!

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“One must sometimes leave their safe haven to take a chance on the unknown”





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