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Baby Portraits

June 5, 2015 Pink with Love

This little beauty was my first in the new studio after returning from Maternity leave earlier this year. Before my year off, I had had a run of boys so my blue, brown and other masculine looking blankets and props had got a good work...

May 5, 2015 Baby Photography in the Park

The local park is the perfect spot for some baby portraits. Melbourne is blessed with many parks. For a young baby like this, it can be the most enjoyable feast of colour for the wondrous eyes. As adults, we perhaps take this for granted, along with...

April 30, 2011 The Unknown Picture

Often the best pictures are the ones that were taken when the subject was not aware. The expressions are a lot more genuine and the moment is captured in it's raw beauty.  This image is one of my favourite examples of that. This little cherub, Lyla, ...