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Four Weddings and a Few Tears…

This is a serious attempt to get back into blogging. I can’t believe I used to write one every week and since late last year, that seems to have fallen by the wayside with everything else that needed doing in the business. But just to let everyone know (and hello to my new likers) I’m […]

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!  Love comes in all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of sources – from children, parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, pets, toys and CHOCOLATE!  So Valentine’s day is not just about plucking up the courage to ask someone out (heck, that ship has sailed for me!) – it’s […]

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Celebrating Geordie Kalle Kringoudis

One of the most rewarding things about being a photographer is being let into other people’s lives and taking part in their celebrations. Seeing them through the exciting stages of pregnancy, meeting the precious life that kept everyone guessing for 9 months and starting the photographic journey of a new little personality that has brought […]

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Bush Ballerina

I’ve always dreamed of doing a photo shoot in the wetlands near where I live.  The scenery is stunningly Australian and each hour of the day, the sun brings out some spectacular colours in this feast of nature.  I’ve studied this setting all year round – I know the picturesque plants that will be in […]

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Another year Older and Wiser

Yesterday was my birthday. I was spoilt rotten by hubby who took me out to a lavish dinner at the RACV Club where we enjoyed the most sumptuous food.  I had nothing to do but sit back, reflect and enjoy. He knows after a day full of having to make decisions – what do the […]

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Crazy about the boy

I’ve seen a few beautiful newborns in my time. But today I think a little someone stole my heart. Sam….oh…..my sweet little Sam. This precious one was eager to see the world and was born at just 32 weeks. Thanks to good old Facebook, I’ve been watching his progress: growing from a fragile little bubba […]

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Old Rhymes in New Cities

I don’t know about you but I grew up in the burbs. Actually beyond the burbs – I think the accurate Aussie term for it would be “whoop-whoop”.  While not knocking ‘whoop-whoop’, who on earth would NOT feel jealous of this little girl’s lifestyle? Perched up in the Docklands, with nothing but scenic city views […]

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Fathers and Daughters

I was so happy when asked several weeks ago to photograph this special father and daughter. While I’m not a father, I’m certainly a daughter and one relationship that remains dear to my heart (so dear infact that I can’t voice it without getting a lump in my throat) is the one with my own […]

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Time to be a sitting duck.

After a fortnight of family commitments, including a kitchen renovation (yaaaay!), not a lot of photography has taken place business-wise.  But as usual there’s plenty around me to stimulate the blog-ho-lic in me. In the last fortnight alone I’ve talked to three separate mothers who have come to the cross roads of motherhood and career […]

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Biological Clocks

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph a special little Sydney-sider who was down to visit his family in Melbourne.  Surrounded by seven adults, this little 20-month old lasted the photoshoot incredibly well, considering everyone wanted a piece of him. The time spent with the family also got me thinking about my alternate biological […]

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