About - CJ Photography
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CJ Photography was founded in 2010 by Chamilka Jayawardana (aka CJ) as a means for CJ to exploit her passion for photography while raising the family. With children born on 2008, 2010 and 2013 the business has been a real family affair with lots of support needed particularly when there has been overseas jobs.

CJ is a Professional Photographer based in Melbourne Australia. Accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). A versatile photographer, CJ can capture your event be it a corporate function, family festivities or your babies first ever shoot. Her photography aims to capture authenticity, feeling and above all stories – intangible things that can be revisited long after the moment has passed. CJ’s children and her love of travel are constant sources of inspiration for her hard work and dedication to growing the business.

In more recent times CJ’s husband Guy has been active within the business and is now committed full-time to CJ Photography taking on a range of technical and administrative functions including working with drone photography. Guy has extensive experience in the corporate world with key aspects of leadership and interpersonal skills and an ability to explain technical things in easy to understand terms.

CJ Photography is a true family business and combines the skills, knowledge, passions and personalities of CJ and Guy to provide you with an experience not just a photo session.

“All my life, I’ve taken an interest in photography through both my art studies and recognising the joy photos brought people. It is important that we all recognise how fleeting time is and the importance of capturing the life we live. My work allows me the privilege of helping you to capture and document the major events in your lives in a format that allows you the revisit those memories at will. As a mother of three children, capturing life is more important to me than ever. Taking candid portraits that speak a thousand words, providing you with a luxury you want to indulge in.

This is my story – I look forward to hearing yours … and perhaps capturing it one day for you.”


0412 111 097 | cj@cjphotography.com.au