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The reminder I needed …

The reminder I needed …

This time of year always gets me a bit down. It may be the onset of the colder weather or it may just be that I had a busy March. Either way I knew it was important to take a day out and enjoy photography without the pressure. I remembered a friend’s longstanding invitation to visit Ballarat. So I did just that. I took the day off to reconnect with nature, enjoy the autumn light and shoot for pleasure. I had much more fun than expected, thanks in part to these two girls who let me into their lives – one who will forever be the genuine free spirit and the older sister who is wiser than her years. It turned out I was not the only one who benefited from the afternoon out.  A heartfelt message from their mother the day after reminded me so much of why I love being behind the lens. It served as the exact words I needed to hear at this time. x

The chicken dance this afternoon was one of those absolutely glorious autumn afternoons. Perfect blue skies, a soft warm light and beautiful autumn hues decking out all the trees at the local Botanical Gardens.  But what was even more magical about it, was the fact that I got to relax and actually appreciate my two daughters enjoying the afternoon. Thanks all to a friend who was able to perfectly capture the innocence of two girls enjoying the beauty of the moment through a camera lens.

It was her photo of two happy girls doing a silly chicken dance in unison bathed in the soft autumn light that has me up at 2 in the morning, grateful for all the small, but most precious things in life. The things that somehow get forgotten in the everyday stresses of life, or overlooked because they don’t make it onto the list of the things that must be completed and crossed off for the day.  There was no autism in that photo or the associated extra responsibilities carried by an elder sibling. Just two contented girls lost in the moment. And for that moment, I will be forever grateful.


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