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Another year Older and Wiser

Another year Older and Wiser

Yesterday was my birthday. I was spoilt rotten by hubby who took me out to a lavish dinner at the RACV Club where we enjoyed the most sumptuous food.  I had nothing to do but sit back, reflect and enjoy. He knows after a day full of having to make decisions – what do the kids eat? what do they wear? why is he crying? why is he breaking out in a rash?  – the last thing I want to do is agonise over a menu.  So he eliminated decision time for me and had pre-ordered the menu:


Poached veal with Tuna Sashimi & one dozen Oysters Kilpatrick

accompanied by 2003 Dominique Portet  Tasmanaian Curve Brut


A melt in the mouth roasted lamb rack with a Lanchashire Hotpot

complimented by 2009 Eden Road “The Seedling”  Shiraz


The lightest of strawberry and white chocolate sponge birthday cake with a short black


I’m not sure if it was the champagne or the tantalised taste buds that made my heart sing all night, but something definitely inspired this blog.  The whole evening made me realise how much I enjoyed getting older. Not so much for the physical consequences – I don’t enjoy discovering yet another grey hair nor hearing my three year old say “Mummy, you’ve got lines on your face” (!@#$%!!) – but for the peace that time brings to the soul. It seems that with each year, the insecurities of the mind get peeled back, the heart grows bigger to accept all that is impossible to change and the confidence to trust that inner voice and grow into your authentic self.

As I looked over at my hubby who I think was equally as tipsy as me and grinning from ear to ear, I’m suddenly so thankful that the last three years of being new parents didn’t break us. We were such a solid duo before the sleep deprivation, hormones and lack of couple time hit so forcefully. It was nice to see things settling back into a new sort of normal and the very union that brought our kids into this world was once again getting the care it deserved. I am indeed blessed to be surrounded by this much love from hubby, children, family and friends.

I came home and read the birthday card from my parents. The sweets words inside sealed off all those warm, fuzzy feelings inside with an emotional tear. What a beautiful way to end November 7th 2011.

My Daughter… There are so many gifts I want for you on your birthday…

I’d like to give you the gift of wisdom,

but that’s somethingonly the passing years can bring.

I’d like to give you the gift of success,

but that’s something that only has true value if it is earned.

I’d like to give you the gift of happiness,

but the path that leads you there is one you must find on your own.

But there is one gift that I can give you today that will always be with you

— and that’s my love. Happy Birthday

With Love  Thathie and Ammi (mum & dad)



PS: Photos taken in a slightly intoxicated state using my iPhone so not very indicative of my professional ability 😉


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