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Baby’s First Easter

Baby’s First Easter

Easter – the next best thing to Christmas. Lots of public holidays to spend with family and friends, ample chocolate waiting to be consumed and plenty of giggles with the Easter egg hunt (who needs Santa?!?).  If you’re like me and have a bub who’s enjoying their first Easter, make sure it’s an extra special one.  They grow up much too fast.  This week has been slightly chaotic with teething, cough and colds and plenty of other mini-dramas that make up motherhood but today I promised myself to PAUSE…  just for a minute and appreciate everything around me, including my sick whiny ten month old. Afterall, he’s not going to have a first Easter ever again. He is truly precious. I’m blessed.

And if you’re worried about them being too young to enjoy chocolate, just give it to them with the wrapping still on – equally as fun and they’ll never know!









HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  Hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Chamilka  xx


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