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Boundless Energy

Boundless Energy

Yesterday I had a glimpse into my future – a time when I’ll have two mobile boys, whose boundless energy will be fueled by curiosity, imagination and that cheeky desire for adventure. The two little brothers who gave me this pleasure: Donovan and Charlie – a pair of handsome toddlers just 11 months apart.

Upon booking the session, their mother warned: “well they don’t really sit still, it might be hard to get a photo of them”. Well, I can’t say she was wrong. I felt like the paparazzi running after little celebrities, hiding among bushes trying to get that million dollar shot and throwing the one-liners to try and get their attention. After two hours in the park with them, even I needed a nana nap, leaving me wondering how their amazing mum coped with such energy.

But gosh, did I have so much fun! I almost felt as if I was cheating on my own two boys with the amount of fun I had. I got home and gave my little fellas an extra big hug – not out of guilt but out of sheer excitement about what the future holds. If those two hours were indeed a glimpse of my future, then the future can’t come fast enough…











































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