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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to everyone. It may be miserable weather out there (here in Melbourne anyway!) but all the sunshine you need is right there with you.  Either rolling around on their backs or tummies, some IN your tummies, throwing tantrums, watching TV, playing, sleeping or just plain being. Treasure them, capture them & kiss them before the years pass by too soon.

Also a massive shout-out to single dads and the all the women in the world who are mothers in nontraditional ways. All my friends who carry the same kind of love, worry and hopes for their pets, nieces, nephews, mentees, elderly parents and other dependents in their lives. Not all women were born into this world to be mothers but they were all born with nurturing instincts, which they use for the good of other life and I think that is what needs to be thanked and celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Enjoy this special day, in which ever way you were lucky enough to become a ‘mother’. xx

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