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Laughs, Giggles & Toothless Smiles

Laughs, Giggles & Toothless Smiles

Last weekend I got to photograph the cutest family – yeah I know I say that about everyone (but seriously wait till you see them!).  They had decided on some photographs for the grandparents for Christmas, which I think is a truly beautiful gift.  Ofcourse I’d say that, I’m a photographer right? But really, in this day and age, when everyone has everything, I think the gift of memories is something priceless. It never outdates, it never gets too small or big with the shape of your body and it’ll never end up in the salvos. It truly is a timeless gift.

 The perfect overcast day made for some great shots in the park. And for the first time ever, my belief about boys having more energy than girls was put to the test.  My pretty little model had more energy than my TWO boys put together. I’m not sure if it was one too many Weetabix that morning or just the general excitement the weekends tend to bring out in kids, but it was ON! There was so much laughing and giggling that I didn’t know when to stop clicking!  To me, every moment was something that I knew their grandparents would treasure.

The only thing more captivating than this blonde beauty in all her giggly excitement was when she eventually tired out and nuzzled up for some stories with the family. Her little brother was equally as excited and doing his hardest to fight off naptime with his supremely cute toothless smiles. After all how possibly could he miss out on all this energy surrounding him?  As I photographed them in a very candid way, I couldn’t help but think what the next photo shoot would be like when BOTH of them had found their feet. Mum and Dad (AND photographer!) are going to be a VERY tired bunch.

 Mum and Dad mentioned to me that they only ever wanted two kids – “Two or none” was their exact words. Well guys, you may just have two kids physically, but you might have got more than you bargained for in the energy stakes.  Then again, if that comes with as much love and laughs as I witnessed last weekend, then you guys managed to bag life’s richest bargain ever.

 I hope your family will treasure these images for years to come. Merry Christmas. Chamilka xx[fblike style=”standard” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”]


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