My YUMMIEST gig ever. - CJ Photography
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My YUMMIEST gig ever.

My YUMMIEST gig ever.

Hello there! Long time no see. That’s partly because I’ve spent the last two weeks in Sri Lanka for a family wedding.  Coming back to Melbourne Winter was quite a shock to the system after the beautiful warm weather I enjoyed there.  I look forward to blogging about my holiday and showing some of the photos that I took.  But in the meanwhile, here is something else CJ Photography has been working on.

In April, I did some photos for a new e-book about healthy eating and fertility.  The book was written by Natalie Kringoudis (with foreword by Sarah Wilson), owner and head practitioner of The Pagoda Tree, a Natural Fertility clinic based in Albert Park.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Nat’s work – from her acupuncture that works miracles on my body, through to her sound advice on health – from food to lifestyle topics particularly relevant to women such as fertility and the contraceptive pill to name a few.  She’s also an AWESOME mother of two and a huge fan of Lionel Ritchie, so there’s not much NOT to like about this woman!  So I was mega excited to be involved in her first e-book as I truly believe in what she has to say.

The book is called ‘Fertilise Yourself”.  But as she states in her short introductory video (click HERE to view), it’s not just for women trying to get pregnant, it’s for women (and men!) of all stages of life who want an understanding of what constitutes healthy eating and how to make sure they have the right amounts of nutrients, fats and proteins in their diet.  Out of 55 pages the first 30 pages is dedicated to giving you the tools on how to correctly achieve this balance – information that I think is gold, especially in this day and age, where everything seems to be low fat, yet no one seems to be getting skinnier! Learn why this is.  The remaining 20 pages is full of recipes (and food photos from yours truly) that illustrate this healthy balance of nutrients.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, the official book launch was while I was away, so I missed out on the celebrations. So here is MY official launch. <<trumpets playing>> “Presenting… FERTILISE YOURSELF”

If you are in the business of healthy eating, either to conceive, to nutritiously breastfeed or like me, just to nutritiously BE, grab yourself a copy and your body will thank you for it.  While you’re there, check out the pics. They are almost as good as the advice the book comes with 😉

Chamilka x

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