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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

Wednesdays are my one-on-one days with my sons.  So just one of my boys go to care while I get to spend some quality time with the other.  While these days often start off a bit heavy hearted at having to separate the two, by the end of the day I feel the bond between me and who ever stayed home having grown even stronger.  Today as I looked at my (not so little) 18 month old Kade, I desperately wished for time to slow down a bit. He no longer needed my help to do many things that I was used to doing for him. And that feeling of time slipping away very, very fast certainly made me a little sad today.

So my new year resolution is to try and take more photos of my own kids – you know with an actual camera rather than an iPhone! Perhaps just once a week, aim to capture something for myself rather than it be something I solely do for other people. My reward for myself. My attempt to make time stand still.

My beautiful Kade at 1 year, 7months and 9 days…



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