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Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

_MG_5102One of the best parts of my job is that my clients often become friends (and vice versa: friends often become clients). They stay in touch by connecting with me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or the odd text here and there. That’s the beauty of children – their welfare can unite even strangers.

This job was no exception. Having photographed this beautiful baby boy, I got talking to his parents and it was a real wonder how our lives had never crossed paths before. We had been to the same events, knew the same people and it seemed their present circles were a big part of my past circles.

When a job like this wraps up, you always feel very blessed to have finally connected with such lovely souls – people that have floated in and out of your life for years like ghosts, remaining transparent to you until the sliding doors of life finally decide it’s time.

Life works in mysterious ways. Making the leap of faith to quit my safe job and pursue my passion has found me where I am today, where I want to be and finally connecting with the people that fate had been trying to send my way for a long time… #blessed



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