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Putting yourself out there

Putting yourself out there


This week’s blog has been inspired by a set of very different people: actors. Yes you read right. On Wednesday night, I photographed a rehearsal night for the cast of The Subconcious Cometh, an upcoming play by Baggage Productions. In my previous job (pre-kids), I was fortunate enough to cross paths with the co-founder of this independent theater company, Christina Costigan. I was CJ and she was CC. While we had wildly different professional backgrounds (CJ the boring economist and CC the vivacious actress), we always got on really well.  Not only was she full of culture, but her mind was amazing. Being an actor, she was able to comment on all things show biz and being a director, her ability to create stories and bring characters to life was simply fascinating.  Even challenging colleagues and awkward work situations around us would be fodder for her creativity.  Watching her take it all in and re-create it into a witty, sharp and thought-provoking scene always got me chuckling and left me marveling at this incredible gift she had.

In hindsight, another reason I enjoyed her company so much was because she exuded this zest for life that only came from people living their calling – in her case acting. Anyone who knows anything about show business, knows its a TOUGH gig and here was this 30-something young women living every day like it was the best challenge ever. The difference between us was that she was working in something she loved while I was working in something I was trained in – a huge difference. She was well and truly putting herself out there, taking risks and living her passion while I was in a corporate job that was safe and felt like the right thing to do. Her spirit energized me.

It wasn’t until I started photography that I realized just how important it was to take the risk to do something you truly believe in.  It is often INCREDIBLY difficult to identify what makes you happy in life, let alone career, when society tends to rail-road you sometimes in life. Listening to that inner voice becomes a real skill.  Gaining support and credibility is the next hurdle. Putting yourself out there means facing your critics and this can be really hard when it is something you are very passionate about. But the ability to keep going with something you believe in takes real character.

This is what these actors of Independent Theater productions do everyday.  The passion and commitment of these professionals, who give up a lot of their free time not only for rehearsals but all the back-end logistics such as fund raising, is nothing short of inspiring. It was a real privilege to photograph some of this raw energy. Every time I see their faces, I feel energized again. I simply can’t wait for the show. Infact I’ve got a few tickets – who’s up for an entertaining night?




































The hilarious cast: (L to R) James Deeth,Christina Costigan, Kelly Nash, Dan Walls,  Tiffany Davis.

Playing 15th to 25th June, 2011 at 8pm (Preview 14th June)

Trades Hall, Old Council Chambers

Cnr Lygon St and Victoria Parade, Carlton

Purchasing tickets is just an easy click away right here.

Even if you can’t make it, you can still show support by visiting their fundraising goal here.


And finally the three talented ladies with lots of Baggage:

Christina Costigan, Tiffany Davis & Bridgette Burton (Baggage Productions)


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