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Just the other day, I realised I had accidentally deleted this, one of my favourite photos (thank goodness for the trash can).  It’s of the Rickety Old Bridge, that I blogged about not long ago.  I took this just days after blogging about it infact – when my hubby and oldest son were away and I was feeling lonely and decided to go for an early morning walk with Kade and the dogs. Of course everything in the early morning dew looked romantic (or spooky, depending on what you were feeling inside) including the spider webs that graced nearly every pillar.  It was truly beautiful.  The mist faded the trees in and out, the water almost as still as ice and the reflection of the bridge stark as ever, including those who crossed it.

It got me realizing just how much I like reflections in my photography.  After going through my favourites folder, I thought I’d share a few more with you.  These were captured at the beautiful Aire River during a getaway with my family in February.  The symmetry fascinated me and in some cases, it was hard to tell where the dead trees ended and the reflections began.

And this one – not much of a reflection compared to the rest but the little bit of reflection it did have, echoed the somewhat peaceful character of this houseboat.  I had to give this photo a name when I entered it into my first ever camera club competition. I named it “Solace” as that is what felt right every time I looked at it – the tranquility, the cross, the beauty. But would you believe that this is actually the Hippo enclosure at Werribee Zoo?  How lucky are those hippos?

And finally back to my Rickety Old Bridge again.  This is the view from it at sunset on another still autumn day.

What’s the matter – your brain feels a bit funny?  No, you’re not going mad, it IS upside down.  I just thought I’d see if you’d notice first 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this & HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE…  xx

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