Rickety Old Bridge - CJ Photography
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Rickety Old Bridge

Rickety Old Bridge


One thing you just HAVE to love about toddlers is their imagination.  Their minds are like empty sponges, eager to soak up any new experience and place it in the context of their own world. Toys and stories play a huge role in shaping how they see their own environment. Currently, Thomas the Tank is my toddler’s world and his life seems to only exist within the adventures of this little blue tank engine.  Everywhere we turn and everything we do is yet another excerpt from a Reverend W. Awdry’s classic. When we go for walks, people don’t just pass us by, they “chuff along”. The faulty street light down our court is “flickering off and on…on and off and …off and on” (Misty Island). And, my personal favourite, when ever we approach a bridge (the Westgate included), we are “steaming towards the rickety old bridge”.  It melts my heart each time.

This week my world is void of Thomas. For family reasons, my husband has gone interstate and taken my little imaginer with him. I miss him, and funnily enough, Thomas the Tank too! I can’t wait until he comes back and we get to steam towards our local rickety old bridge again.   Meanwhile I shall snigger every time I drive towards the Westgate. It may be old, but I sure as hell hope it’s not rickety!





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