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What the future holds

What the future holds

As the saying goes: “Babies are such a nice way to start people” and this little cutie was no exception.  Such a beautifully natured boy, he seemed to know nothing but happiness. His curiosity was heartwarming, his fascination was endearing and most of all his happiness was contagious. As with such innocent life, even the most basic of things filled his little world with wonder – his mum’s voice, a stranger playing peek-a-boo, his dad’s toes, everything, anything…

As he left the studio, I couldn’t help but feel that pang of nostalgia I often get after being with such cute babies and their beaming creators. I guess that is both the perk and the curse of this job.

All the best, my dearest one.  If those two hours was a small glimpse into your future, then I see it being very, very bright – filled with happiness, more love than you will possibly know what to do with and I suspect a whole lot of growing ahead of you…


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