Children & Families - CJ Photography
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Children & Families

A former colleague once likened children to wine –  ” Children, they just get better with age”. I didn’t realise how true this statement would ring nearly every day of my life as a mother. Just when I think to myself “Gosh, this has to be the best age”, there’s more in stock waiting to take shape.

They get coordination, they get attitude and they get the ability to communicate – properly.  You start cringing as you are confronted with a splitting image of yourself in this little person (“do I really say that?”). Other times when tantrums take hold, you wonder what you ever got yourself into.  But most of the time, they leave you with an extreme sense of accomplishment and pride. It is indeed a roller coaster ride of emotion. Parenthood is about making sure your heart is big enough to accommodate it all.

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