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The Unknown Picture

The Unknown Picture

Often the best pictures are the ones that were taken when the subject was not aware. The expressions are a lot more genuine and the moment is captured in it’s raw beauty.  This image is one of my favourite examples of that.

This little cherub, Lyla,  holds a special place in my heart as she was born just two days after my second baby.  Her mum Belinda is one of the most dedicated mothers I know – my hat goes off to this full-time mum of two.

Every time I see this photo, it really rekindles my own memories. The touch of newborn skin against my body, the smell of such innocence and the connection you feel with this  new life when something as instinctive as your motherly embrace and soft voice brings them such comfort – things that I miss so dearly.

It is this kind of emotion that also motivates me in my photography – to capture life as it really was.

Lyla came into this world through an incredible pregnancy and birth journey. Her story is featured in the current Cosmo Pregnancy (Autumn 2011 edition p139) where Belinda writes of how she overcame the odds to have a natural birth after a Ceasar – a massive achievement for any woman.  She sent this photo in to depict her story which was an exciting opportunity for me to see my own work in magazine print. If you’re interested in this inspiring story, and learning about the alternative therapies  now available to help women through complicated pregnancies and labour, have a read of the article (or email me for a copy) or contact the featured Chinese Medicine practitioner directly at The Pagoda Tree. More importantly, check out my photograph – ‘coz it truly is one of my favourite!

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