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Little Adults

Little Adults

Once in a while I get to photograph a brand new life that looks unusually distinctive for their short time on this earth…what I call a little adult.  They don’t look like any other baby but a miniature version of their adult self. Precious, little Jaiden was just that.

Newborns are etched in my memory for various reasons: their size, their heavy cheeks, their head full of hair, their crying, their heavy slumber… the list goes on. But I didn’t come away thinking he reminded me of a previous baby.  I think I’ll always just remember him as looking like Jaiden: sultry creamy skin, perfect eye lashes, a totally adorable mouth and a button cute nose. Despite the silence, his features spoke volumes of the personality he’s yet to become.

Congratulations Nikoli and Adrian on your perfect little miracle that is Jaiden. There’s absolutely nothing more you could’ve asked for in beginning your new family together.

Chamilka xx

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