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Having worked closely with government departments, small business, private companies and educational facilities, CJ has the expertise to curate imagery for website and social media platforms as well as printed and published material for your company's promotional use.


CJ covers private events, from Baptisms through to Weddings and milestone birthdays. This gives you the luxury of being able to enjoy the event with the assurance that the beautiful memories made on the day will be captured perfectly.


As a mother of three children, CJ has a great understanding of the many stages a family goes through and the challenges of capturing a great family portrait. CJ’s family sessions are fun for children and adults alike and aim to capture each of the personalities that make up your tribe.


CJ has chosen to combine her love for photography along with her love for travel to bring to you a series of Limited Edition Signed prints. For those of you interested in discovering the world around you through the camera, come join her on one of her workshops!



10 years experience

Bringing extensive experience in different fields


We love photography and our jobs

Visually creative

With an eye for colour and composition

Business background

Adding marketing and business knowledge to the shoots

Personable nature

Easy to work with and as a mother of three, patient and atuned

Professionally accredited

Member of the AIPP