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Portrait Photography


As a mother of 3 children, CJ has a deep understanding of the many stages a family goes through, and the right way to capture the differing events. Pregnancy is a very special time in your life, especially the last few weeks, when the body and mind prepare themselves for what lies ahead. CJ’s maternity sessions aim to embrace this by encouraging a private and tranquil atmosphere for you to be photographed in a way that you are comfortable with. Partners, children & pets are welcome to join the session. Maternity shoots ideally take place around 35 weeks of gestation. Location, clothing and the overall mood for the day will depend on how you choose to commemorate this time.

Newborn & Babies

CJ’s love of children and newborns make her an ideal person to capture this exciting and very special time in your life. Newborn sessions are typically done in her home studio in Altona Meadows, a calm and beautiful custom built space housing tasteful props, wraps and other things you need to make the shoot safe and comfortable. Newborns are ideally photographed within 14 days of their birth, to ensure capturing those defining newborn characteristics. So if you are pregnant and are considering newborn photography, please book in early to avoid disappointment, as this window of opportunity is so small. Given the inexact nature of delivery times, she does her utmost to reschedule other shoots so as to make sure your newborn is captured within that 2 week timeframe. However this is only possible if they are booked in in advance.

Babies are adorable through all growth phases, yet they are best captured between 4 to 9 months, when their personalities really start to develop. During this stage, they are able to keep their heads up and / or sit up and not yet fast enough to crawl away from the camera. Best of all they find everything extremely funny, which makes them such a pleasure to photograph.

Children and Family

Having photographed many families over the years, CJ usually holds her family shoots outdoors, as children are likely to be more candid when there’s a bit of distance between them and the camera. The shoots are playful and energetic, making sure to engage ALL family members, so the end result is a collection of beautiful candid moments capturing all the personalities that makes up your family dynamic. To make best use of natural light and your children’s daytime exuberance, shoots are usually scheduled for early mornings. If you feel they are still able to generate smiles later in the day, late afternoon just before sunset would also be a beautiful time to photograph your family.

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