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The great thing about photographing families is meeting the different characters:

  • the super champion mum who has coordinated everything, from the date to the neatly pressed outfits and snacks;
  • the dad who just wants to keep the missus happy but secretly loves being the big kid by making his own kids laugh so hard;
  • the little princess of the house, who is dressed the prettiest and has the prettiest of prettiest smiles on cue for the camera;
  • the older brother, who thinks school holidays are just plain boring as is hanging out with the family and just wants to shoot some hoops;
  • the youngest who looks to get away with what ever he can as frequently as he can, using his boyishly cute charm.

And when it all comes together, these personalities are captured to be enjoyed forever on their walls.

How lovely it is to grant mum her wish and make time stand still. Most of all, how lovely it was to get a goodbye hug from big brother. Strangers are suddenly anything but foreign.

Chamilka x


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