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Your Session…

My goal is to take candid lifestyle portraits of you and your family that will be treasured for years to come.

These sessions are costed at $180. This fee covers my time, travel, equipment and creative talent to capture the images on the day as well as the post-shoot work that takes place in preparing your images. Images are available for purchase afterwards.

All photo sessions take approximately 2 hours and are aimed to be relaxed to encourage true personalities to come out and be captured. As such, location, timing, clothing and other factors play a part in creating this relaxed atmosphere.

  • Sessions can either be held at my home studio in Altona Meadows or on location (some locations may incur a travel surcharge, please check before booking).
  • Contemporary, candid portraiture is best captured with natural light, therefore your location choice should be mindful of this. Outdoor sessions typically take place early mornings or late afternoons to make best use of natural light.
  • Clothing should be kept to a complementary or minimal colour scheme.  For timeless memories, try and avoid clothing with large logos and bold colours and patterns that can distract the eye. 

Below is more useful information specific to shoots. Once booked in with me, I will also make sure to guide you so we get the best out of each session.


Pregnancy is a very special time in your life, especially the last few weeks, when the body and mind prepare themselves for what lies ahead. My maternity sessions aim to embrace this by encouraging a private and tranquil atmosphere for you to be photographed in a way that you are comfortable with.  Your partner and children are also welcome to join the session.

Maternity shoots take place around 35 weeks of gestation. Location, clothing and the rest will all depend on how you choose to commemorate this time.

Please inquire about our combined Maternity and Newborn Shoot of $300 session fee with a print credit of $100.


Newborns are typically photographed within 10 days of their birth. After this period, they lose their defining newborn characteristics and are then best photographed four months onwards. So if you are pregnant and are considering having newborn photography done, please book in to avoid disappointment, as this window of opportunity is so small. Given the inexact nature of delivery times, I do my utmost to reschedule and be there to capture your newborn. However, this can only be done if I have plenty of notice of your due date.

Newborn sessions are typically done in my home studio (Altona Meadows). Depending on the range of photos, you wish to be taken, please allow up to 3 hours for a Newborn photoshoot.


Babies are adorable through all phases but are especially best captured between 4 to 9 months, when their personalities really start to develop.  During this stage, they are able to keep their heads up and / or sit up and not yet fast enough to crawl away from the camera. Best of all they find everything extremely funny, which makes them such a pleasure to photograph.  Sessions can take place at my studio or on location.

Clothing should be kept to a minimal as you will want to capture those baby rolls. Any outfits should be kept to simple clothing with plain colours to ensure your photos remain timeless.

Children & Families

Toddlers and children are best photographed outside as they are likely to be more themselves when there’s a bit of distance between them and the camera. To make best use of natural light and your child’s daytime exuberance, I highly encourage your sessions take place early morning.  If you think your child will still be able to generate smiles later in the day, late afternoon just before sunset would also be a beautiful time to photograph your family.

For families, the session fee covers 5 members (friendly pets inclusive). For extended family shoots, please inquire before hand.   Again, early morning or late afternoons are best times of the day, especially if you would like to have a beach setting as a backdrop.  To ensure your photographs have a timeless feel, clothing should be simple with an equally simple colour palette, avoiding bold logos and stripes. In summer, I highly recommend bare feet, again adding to the relaxed atmosphere I encourage. Upon booking I am happy to talk you through your clothing choices.